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Help your customers stop looking and start finding.

Search engine optimization is the most integral element to an online marketing campaign. The reason for this is simple: when your website is optimized properly, you rank higher for the exact searches your potential customers are looking for. Research shows a high correlation between ranking higher in the search positions and the number of click-throughs a website receives. Your ranking position conveys to the searcher your site’s credibility, relevancy and potential to be the answer to their search query. Second page ranks grab close to zero traffic for search terms. Ultimately, a properly optimized site ranks for all searches: video, written content, and images. Allows for maximum exposure on all relevant channels. Makes sense right? Imagine all the people that don’t even know your site exists because it isn’t optimized properly.

Our goal as SEO strategists is to maximize your channel of communication. The return versus investment in online marketing is astonishing compared to traditional mediums.

You can tell when a site has been properly optimized. It ranks at the top of the relevant searches and has an air of legitimacy. Its content is relevant and helpful. Its layout is fluid and easy to navigate. You trust the company and it shows.

So how exactly do we do this?

Our SEO process is multi-tiered and comprehensive. We analyze your site’s code and ensure that its structure and content is properly designed for the search engines. This means it’s devoid of spam, clutter and any irrelevant nonsense.


A great SEO plan begins with thorough research.

  • We really get to know your market, and what kind of competition you are up against. We get to know your customer base and what they are looking for. We get to know you.
  • What is the competition doing that you aren’t? What can you do to beat them?
  • Keyword analysis: Find what people are typing into the search engines, referral sites they might sending traffic your way and extensive research on the sources of your current traffic flow.
  • Utilizing top industry standard software, we can analyze and dissect every aspect of your site’s traffic.
  • Long-tail search: In order to cover all bases of a keyword search, we research all of your primary keywords and make sure to cover all of your less common but highly relevant searches as well.
  • Backlink catalog: the strength of a website’s credibility and relevance is heavily based on what kind of related inbound links are coming in. We do an extensive inspection of your catalog and develop strategies to improve your industry related links. Do not be fools by offers for tons of links at a low price. Basing a SEO campaign simply on a high volume of links is the least effective way to get the results you desire.

Optimized page coding is an absolute must in today’s competitive online world. Correct on-page code allows the automated systems ran by the major search engines to see your site and process what it is about and how it should be categorized.

  • Keywords
  • Tagging
  • Content
  • Robots and canonicals
  • Meta descriptions
  • Microdata and rich snippets

The heart of a great SEO campaign is in its inbound links, and the method in getting these requires our expertise. Credible inbound links build social proof, brand equity, domain strength as well as an outlet to allow people to reach your site quickly.

We specialize in:

  • Article distribution through established channels
  • Blogger outreach
  • Apps, graphics and other useful content
  • Press releases and circulation
  • Content licensing and syndication
  • Local citations and local search optimization

Our process in accomplishing a great SEO campaign is always ethical and absolutely professional. We want to make sure your site achieves quality organic leads without manipulation, deception, or any of those other evil things.

The key to the way we do business is rooted in our relationship with you. We will always provide reports and analytics for you to know how things are progressing and how we can get better. No lies and no hiding.
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