social media.

Get social.

Social media’s proliferation and impact on our lives is growing everyday. The social media world is extremely transformative and it takes a lot to be in the know in this particular realm. With that been said, its relevance to search queries and website legitimacy are most definitely true and inevitably going to be increasingly important. We here at Brandfish are on top of it and want to help you be on top too.

Some of the social elements we emphasize are:

  • Managing your online content and communication efforts
  • Getting you onboard and synced to all the major social platforms
  • Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn/Google+/Yahoo
Stimulating customer and client interaction and feedback are key! People want to be part of the conversation, so let us be the conversation starter.

Social networks get your company recognized as an industry expert and expand your brand’s visibility. The goal is to be the go-to in your market.

  • PR article submissions, blog submissions, guest writer spots, and more
  • Stimulating user generated content and responses
  • Social media authority building
  • Social media integration into marketing campaigns
  • Social listening and audience research
  • Discussions, forums, and Q & A’s
  • Social profile development and optimization

Quality content is important and healthy for the Internet! Spam is the bane of our existence and we make sure we spread top-notch work that people actually want to read and share with their peers. The point of the Internet is to spread information, not to annoy people.

Social marketing campaigns:

We will work with you to spread content and develop traffic and popularity building campaigns. Contests, give-aways, raffles, opportunities to share, user-generated content, and the like are our passion.